How do you think, what is the price for a simple litter-bin with an ashtray? Well, not quite simple – with the door on the lock so that you can change the buckets inside. Well, not just buckets – but buckets in volume 100 liters. Let’s check in the Internet:


These are the most expensive litter-bins that we have managed to find. And we did not just look for a really good-quality bin with good roominess, which has normal price, otherwise we would stop at one of these options:


Pay attention, a litter-bin for six thousand is on a marble stand! For three thousand – already without marble, but complete with a bucket for reliable fastening with anchor bolts. But no, because we searched for bins on clearly defined requirements. Here are they:

“Where did you get these requirements?” – you’d ask. “The tender documentation at the prozorro website”, – we’d answer and show here this REFERENCE According to the tender conducted by “Kievzelenstroy”, 240 litter-bin-ashtrays were purchased for the city for a total of 3 000 000 UAH. This is 12 500 UAH per unit of goods.

By the same link, everyone can download the file with technical specifications.

Well, let’s understand “how it works”. Imagine: A manufacturer of bins comes to Kievzelenstroy and brings finished goods. “City needs litter-bins,” he says to the Officer. “The city will really need litter-bins,” the Officer answers, “if you tell me where money is.” – Well …. – the manufacturer has hesitated, – you can buy a little bit more expensive, and I will give you back a difference. “Look outside,” the Officer says wearily. “Do you see what is happening in the world?” Every day can become the last. Catch it? Time of small envelopes out, now big bags are in trend. And the bigger it is, better for you. – But I can’t make the price too high, otherwise everyone will see that the same litter-bins are sold four times cheaper. “Oh Gosh,” sighs the Officer, “and this man was recommended by my friends … Teaching! Listen carefully and remember for all your life. Do you have a bin? Is it square? Make it round. Then put another lock, like … oh! As in the train! Here, attach a sign “rubbish” … – And how to designate garbage? The official silently looked at the manufacturer. The manufacturer nervously sits in the chair: “Then I’ll ask designer for this, right?” – Yes. Give. The task. You caught the idea? – I think I understood. It is necessary to make sure that no one else has the same litter-bin, and then no one will be able to find the same cheaper.

– Well, you can do it when you want, right? Come on, let’s work! I have to teach the manufacturer of benches to make benches and a lantern manufacturer the proper way for making lanterns.

Imagined? Do you think that we have too rich fantasy and we have come up all of this? Well, in the next article, on Friday, June 23, we’ll talk about real cost of such litter-bin and how to buy it for


By the way, it was possible to buy 6250 pieces of such steel bins for 3 millions. And we are sure that the manufacturer could make a very good discount. But Kievzelenstroy wants silver litter-bins, covered with gold leaf. At least – for the price.


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